The Team Behind Vaultus Finance

Meet Our Team

Let us introduce you to the passionate individuals who drive our mission forward. From seasoned blockchain developers to strategic thinkers in the DeFi space, our team embodies the innovation and dedication required to revolutionize decentralized finance.

Our Founders

Dramaticusz - CEO & Lawyer

A seasoned attorney with over a decade of experience navigating the complex terrains of privacy, technology, crypto taxes, and regulatory compliance. Leading a specialized boutique law firm, Dramaticusz has provided expert legal counsel to a diverse clientele, including crypto investors, blockchain projects, and organizations with a strong focus on privacy and anonymity. With a deep-rooted passion for financial freedom and privacy, Dramaticusz's journey into the world of cryptocurrency began in 2011. This interest was sparked by witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by a well known media organization that was marginalized by traditional financial systems due to political conflicts. The security, anonymity, and censorship resistance offered by Bitcoin captured his attention and has since been a driving force in his professional and personal pursuits.

At Vaultus Finance, Dramaticusz assumes the role of CEO, where his responsibilities extend beyond the legal landscape to include overseeing the financial operations of the company. His unique blend of legal expertise and commitment to upholding the principles of financial sovereignty are instrumental in guiding Vaultus Finance through the evolving regulatory environment, ensuring both innovation and compliance. 0xSamuel - CTO

Our CTO brings a rich background in mathematics and a vast range of experience from machine learning to software engineering. This includes developing scalable machine learning algorithms within production environments in areas such as drug discovery and utility networks. With a career that spans across multiple industries and significant contributions to mathematical and statistical research, Samuel has demonstrated impact wherever his expertise is applied.

His transition into the DeFi space has been marked by three years of extensive work as a DeFi engineer, where he has been involved in the development of DeFi protocols. At Vaultus Finance, Samuel has built our exceptional tech team, leading with vision and technical prowess. His leadership is a cornerstone of our innovative efforts, driving Vaultus Finance towards new frontiers in decentralized finance. Prior to this professional experience, 0xSamuel had an auspicious academic career. This included a PhD in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics from the University of Cambridge along with major publications with leading statisticians from the University of Oxford.



Our External Advisor, ts brings a wealth of experience as an EVM/smart contracts developer to the Vaultus Finance team. Currently serving as a senior developer at Jones Dao and a founding developer at Isekai Money, ts's deep technical knowledge and extensive experience in the decentralized finance landscape significantly enhance our platform's development and strategy. His expertise in smart contract architecture and infrastructure knowledge, along with his role in the success of prominent DeFi projects, provide our team with cutting-edge insights and technical guidance, ensuring our solutions are both innovative and secure.

In addition to his technical prowess, ts contributes a broad spectrum of knowledge in general business development, leveraging his experience to guide Vaultus Finance beyond just the technical aspects. His ability to blend technical advice with strategic business development insights helps position our platform for success in the competitive ecosystem. ts's holistic approach to advising underscores his invaluable role in shaping our strategic direction, aligning technical innovation with sustainable business growth.



Our smart contract architecture designer, BowTiedPickle, is an experienced smart contract developer and a solidity auditor with a track record of securely managing millions of dollars of assets. BowTiedPickle's experience spans across various sectors of the blockchain world, including DeFi protocols, NFT projects, and GameFi games. His wealth of knowledge and expertise helps ensure the highest standards of security and reliability for our platform.

Beyond his technical contributions, BowTiedPickle is also an avid writer, dedicated to educating the community about the nuanced risks and security considerations within the cryptocurrency domain. His hands-on approach and commitment to transparency make him an invaluable asset to Vaultus Finance, embodying our mission to foster a secure and informed DeFi ecosystem.


A Computer Scientist and Solidity Developer at Vaultus Finance, brings a unique blend of technical prowess and real-world blockchain application experience to our team. His distinguished career includes collaborating with his country's government to integrate blockchain technology into governmental processes. This pioneering work has significantly enhanced the efficiency of public services.

Beyond his coding expertise, Zug possesses a deep understanding of product development within the blockchain sphere. His comprehensive skill set, encompassing both the technical aspects of Solidity development and the strategic thinking required for impactful product innovation, makes him a vital contributor to Vaultus Finance. Zug's experience in applying blockchain technology for social good mirrors our mission to leverage DeFi for broader, positive change, ensuring that our platform not only advances financially but also contributes meaningfully to the communities it serves.



BowTiedFirefox is a seasoned frontend engineer, boasting over 8 years of experience in navigating the realms of web2. During this period he was involved in building fintech platforms and dealing with large datasets.

He first embarked into his web3 journed by investing in altcoins and collecting NFTs. He swiftly transitioned into actively contributing to active DeFi projects such as honey.finance. Here he embraced the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic landscape. His work is central to our commitment to providing a secure and efficient platform for our users, aligning with our vision of advancing the DeFi ecosystem.


With over three years of experience in web development and a significant presence in the Web3 and crypto spaces, CrusaderInCode has a strong foundation in web2 and web3 development. After completing his bachelor in Π‘omputer Networks and Technologies Master in Software engineer he was worked as a fullstack developer in various startups.

More recently he has gained experience in developing infrastructure for a crypto research platform. Here he was part of the AI-drive solutions team.

Marketing and Business Development


A distinguished marketer within the Vaultus Finance team, Jerame brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at some of the most innovative and successful platforms in the crypto space. His marketing prowess has been a driving force behind the growth and recognition of projects such as Isekai Money, Dolomite and Sector Finance. Jerame's strategic approach to marketing, combined with a deep understanding of the blockchain industry's nuances, has enabled these platforms to achieve significant milestones and establish a strong presence in the market.

At Vaultus Finance, Jerame leverages his extensive background to shape and execute marketing strategies that resonate with our target audience and the broader crypto community. His expertise in crafting compelling narratives and engaging content helps to highlight Vaultus Finance's unique value proposition, driving user adoption and fostering a vibrant community around our platform. Jerame's role is ensuring that Vaultus Finance stands out in the competitive DeFi landscape, positioning us for long-term success and innovation.


0xGreatApe, a seasoned entrepreneur and community management expert, has been a vibrant presence in the crypto world since 2017. His journey began as an enthusiastic user and investor, which naturally evolved into a deeper involvement within the industry. With a rich background in launching and growing startups, 0xGreatApe possesses a keen sense for what drives community engagement and business development in the fast-paced crypto environment. His experience is marked by a successful track record of building and nurturing online communities, especially within the dynamic realms of GameFi and DeFi projects.

At Vaultus Finance, 0xGreatApe applies his entrepreneurial insights and community management skills to spearhead our marketing and business development strategies. His adeptness at fostering strong, engaged communities and his ability to communicate complex ideas in accessible ways are invaluable assets. Through his leadership, Vaultus Finance is poised to expand its reach, strengthen its user base, and solidify its position as a key player in the decentralized finance ecosystem, ensuring that our platform not only grows but thrives on the principles of inclusivity and shared success.

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